Zelda 1 Overworld pixel map

Based on the great map modeled by DarkApollo https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2138498

Zelda Overword 3D Printed Pixel Map

STL Files

I fixed a bunch of STL files and uploaded them to Github: https://github.com/andres-torres-marroquin/zelda-overworld-pixel-map

Still Slic3r fails to slice them correctly, I used Slic3r Prusa Edition, it works much... Continue reading


27 March 2018


Switching between node versions with brew

Sometimes as a developer, you may have to switch packages in your computer, depending the project, do it with Mac OS X and homebrew is pretty easy. I had to switch versions for a project, I had node v0.6.15 already and I needed to use node v0.4.10 so I did... Continue reading


27 April 2012


How to Django 1.4 and Heroku

Heroku is a very complete, scalable and reliable platform, but the last update from part of the Django guys have changed the things a bit. The Django 1.4 directory structure is different and Heroku Buildpack (at this time) has not been updated yet. So I added some code fixing this... Continue reading


13 April 2012


First post with Jekyll

This post was pretty easy to make.

Checking out Jekyll for first time.

Alt text

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10 April 2012